The Magician


It is written, “Winged warrior demons sworn to defend the reign of the Evil Spirit, God of Darkness, Ahriman. Ahriman ruler and lord of the fleet and sworn enemy of Nabonidus or Nebuchadnezzar. It is foretold that when the Merovingian bloodline has run its course in the realm of man, the King of Kings, so pre-named Leviathon, last of the sacred, will return to defend the souls of the children of Babylon and usher in a new age of transformation. When he is reborn so shall the Dark Warrior return.”

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Twenty five souls from air. Twenty five souls from water. Twenty five souls from earth. Twenty five souls from fire. This will equal 100 souls and will complete the circle of resistance. Once the circle is complete, the binding can begin. Ahriman sat alone in a room he set aside for himself in the house that he, Sharon, and Aaliyah resided in. The home is very beautiful even though not as large as the home Leviathon just purchased for him and Carolyn. Uniting with Carolyn was something that Ahriman could not prevent. There were things that Ahriman was finding that he could not control. This disturbed him because he felt that he had substantial control over Leviathon and the events of this lifetime.
At first he thought it was Nikostratos who was hindering the scope of his power but it was not him. It was something else. Another force was at work here. Ahriman knew that his task would not be an easy one but he was hoping that the awakening of Leviathon would also have taken longer. However, Leviathon finding Carolyn, his heart mate, was an unfortunate occurrence. Nevertheless he would continue what he must do. He could not be stopped.

Ahriman needed a mate to complete his own full strength of awakening. Sharon was an obvious choice. It was laughable to Ahriman that man did not take heed to the scriptures and the Prophesies. Man did not know that all of the power that he needed was right here on earth for him. Man only concentrated on the physical. Ignoring the spiritual or just using the woman’s body, her gift of creation and nurturing as a means for physical pleasure. And using the power of prayer as a means to relax, lowering it to only meditation. How idiotic. What a waste of power. And this is why he felt that man did not deserve the next level of transformation. This is why they are not worthy of what is to be theirs. They do not deserve to inherit the kingdom and all of its treasures. For was it not it written, did not Jesus tell Nicodemus, now so named Nikostratos, “Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Were those words not written in John 3:16? They do not deserve what Leviathon has been sent here to reveal. Therefore Ahriman would stop it. He would halt the Prophesy.

Even though Leviathon had found Carolyn and had fully awakened, Ahriman still had the sacred knowledge that Leviathon did not have yet. He knew Leviathon’s purpose and why he was reborn. Ahriman knew what is to come and Leviathon was not aware yet therefore he still had time to collect his souls and build his army of resistance. There was still time.

Ahriman sat in his study on the floor on top of an old Turkish prayer rug that he brought with him through time. The rug on which he knelt was a rug many generations old and one that he had used many lifetimes for meditations and prayer. It had been hand crafted just for him many centuries ago as a gift for his service as a priest during the Crusades. It was on this rug that he and his heart mate awakened together. And it was here that his heart mate once again would give him the energy from within her source that he needed to continue his mission. Sharon was, always was, and will always be the one. And Sharon will give him his total force and strength. What lies within her will transfer into him and his antediluvian warrior spirit will be whole. It was time.

Ahriman sat on the rug with his legs tucked beneath him in traditional prayer posture. His hands rested on his knees, palms up, his head bowed. He wore a custom made black velour robe that draped him perfectly. On his right hand, on his forefinger, he wore the Ring of Solomon. Around his neck he wore the God/Goddess symbol or the golden pentagram. His eyes were closed and he quieted his spirit in order to bring the stillness to his soul. He began to rock back and forth gradually feeling peace surround him.As he rocked, one by one the pink and red candles that he placed about 3 feet out and around his rug, ignited. And then he called to her.

Sharon scooted down a bit further in her bubble bath. She loved the sprawling whirlpool tub that was in the master bedroom. Once Leviathon moved she immediately took his room over changing his masculine gray and maroon colors to a softer pastel palette. This was the way she was meant to live. She was not meant for that boring clerical job of mundane meaningless work. No, she was meant for this life of opulence. A life filled with excitement and entertainment. She loved it all and felt so at home in this world. She couldn’t even remember what Michigan was like. The warm suns of Nevada were for her. Great weather everyday. Hot, sure, but that is the way she liked it. No more bitter cold days of icy roads. She blocked it all from her mind. That time never even existed to her anymore.

But what she could not block from her mind was Ahriman. He was mysterious, intelligent, and with a sensual sinister quality about him that she could not resist. How she wanted him to come into her room some night and just take her, but he never did. Many nights they would talk about the world, politics, religion, and love but he never made any amorous advances. Sharon felt that maybe she was not attractive to him. Maybe her features were too old. Even though she was only 37 she knew that most men adored women who were at least 10-15 years her junior. Sharon was gorgeous by any standards but she was not a budding girl anymore. And with the pain she has seen throughout the years her countenance was not as bright.

“Damaged goods.” she said to herself as she now thought about Ahriman with his solid masculine body and dark penetrating eyes. He reminded her of an Egyptian sculpture with all of its perfection and that fascinated her immensely. Sharon closed her eyes and sighed despondently. Even with this new money Levi had given to her world it still did not bring her the love she ached for.

Remembering the many conversations with Ahriman, she thought back to when she asked him about what had happened to her son, Leviathon. What was going on around her. She had been afraid to truly ask these questions before to Leviathon, for fear that by asking she could no longer keep the notion that it was all a dream, all an illusion. She would not be able to continue to pretend that the things that Leviathon could do were in fact a hoax of some kind. The thin fabric that was her sanity depended on that idea.

But Sharon could no longer witness the happenings without trying to learn more, without hearing the truth. “How is Leviathon able to do the things he does?” Sharon asked Ahriman one night as they sat alone at the kitchen bar. Ahriman had sat quietly watching her intently as he always did. His gazes, although pleasing to her, were a bit severe at times. It was his eyes. Something within them, just behind the cornea, was darker than any darkness she had ever seen and yet she was unafraid.

“How is he able? How is a bird able to fly? Or the sun able to rise, the wind able to blow? He can do what he does because that is what he is meant to do. That is why he is here.”

“Is there a God?” she asked innocently. Ahriman’s face darkened.
“Of course there is God. How else can anything happen in this world. He is the creator of all things.” He said forcefully. He had startled her without meaning to. He placed a hand gently on her arm, softening his tone. “He is everywhere and in everything. He is the force for which you breathe the force of all things. Yet He has been forgotten. His words have been rewritten and transformed by the egos of man. How is Leviathon able to do what he does?” Ahriman paused. “He is able because it is within us all to do what he does. But the question is not “how” but “why”. Why now? Why him?”
“I don’t feel this power within me. I haven’t even felt God in so many years.” Sharon confessed.

“You feel He has deserted you. It was after your mother’s boyfriend raped you that you gave up on God. You felt that if God could not protect you and your mother would not protect you that you were all alone and that you had to protect yourself.” Ahriman told her. Sharon looked up at him in amazement.
“I was only twelve. I remember wishing that he would die because he kept on doing it and I couldn’t stop him. And my mother, she just turned the other way and let it happen. She claimed that I was a liar but she knew….she knew.” Tears invaded her eyes.

“Yes she did. But he was paying for a lot of things around the house and she needed that money.” Ahriman told her.

“But when they found his body mangled so, that was the happiest day of my life. I felt so ashamed for feeling that way. I felt like I had caused it somehow. Isn’t that stupid?” Sharon asked rhetorically.
“You cried so much during that time. I hated him touching you, hurting you, so I approached him one night as a wolf and ate him alive.” Ahriman waited for her reaction. Sharon stared at him with a mixture of terror and gratitude and he could see that she was taking in what he had just told her. Not only that he was the cause of her attacker’s death, much in the same way that he was the cause of her recent ex’s death, but that he had always been there with her.
“You would watch me?” Sharon asked only to confirm what she already knew. Her blood was both hot and cold.

“Yes. I mainly listened.”

“You protected me. But why? Why me?”

“Why not you?”

“Men have always left me. Why did you protect me?”

“They left because they were not meant for you.”

“And what of Benny, my husband? He was the only man who did protect me. Why couldn’t I love him?”

“Again he was not meant for you. He was meant to be the father of Leviathon and you were meant to be the door in which Leviathon would reenter this world.”

“God has a purpose for Leviathon. Has my purpose been used? Am I only to be a door for Leviathon?”

“The fact that you still breathe means you have more to do, and more to bring to the world. If not you would of died in childbirth. God’s purposes for us are very complicated.”

“What is God’s purpose for you?” Sharon asked moving in closer to him and hoping he would take the opportunity she was giving him.

“My existence is beyond His purpose. My purpose is my own.” Ahriman said darkly. “I used to believe God had a purpose for me. I was wrong.”

“How can that be if God is over everything?”

“It’s called the ultimate free will. You follow a path when you are not aware of your objective and the reasons you are here. But unlike you I am fully aware therefore I can make a choice.”

“But don’t we all have free will?”

“Yes. Your destination is set and you can choose to reach it many different ways. But you are not aware of that destination therefore you can not choose whether or not to go there. Only your journey is your own. I can choose not to follow my destination because I am aware of it so I am choosing a different ending.”
Sharon was shaking her head in utter confusion. None of it made any real sense to her. “I don’t understand.”

“I know and it is not for you to understand. You are not meant to know these things.”

“So there is a God. Is there a Devil? Which belief is right, Christians, Jewish, Muslims?”

“They are all right and they are all wrong. They are interpretations of things that happened, of laws that have been passed down. Yet the word was not meant to stop in some ancient time. God still speaks to man all of the time but not many listen anymore and those who do are ridiculed. You are still very young in your thinking and in your faith.”
“But aren’t these the end days? I mean isn’t the world supposed to end soon according to Revelations?” Sharon stopped and a thought blared into her brain. “Oh God is that why Leviathon can do what he does? Is he here to end the world?”

Ahriman sat back on the kitchen stool and smiled at her nodding his head in approval. “Very good. That is exactly what he is here to do. And I intend to stop him.” He confessed to her then placed his forefinger to his lips. “ssshhhhh.”

It was at that moment that Sharon knew she was in love with him. He had such power but power beyond what she ever thought of in normal terms. Ahriman was more than a man with money. Money meant nothing now. He had real power and real strength unmatched by any human man. More power and knowledge than she could ever imagine. Sharon knew that she would follow him into the bowels of this earth just to be with him. What she did not know was that that is exactly where should would have to go.

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