CRYSTAL HICKERSON , born in Jamaica Queens, NY has traveled all over the world. She is a gifted writer who has the extreme talent of bringing passionate characters to life. This dynamic author has been writing most of her life starting out as a young girl writing short stories with friends. Unlike her childhood friends she found it hard to limit the story to only a couple of pages and wanted to continue breathing life into her characters.

As she grew writing stayed a major part of her life. After earning a degree in Sociology and working in the field of grief counseling she picked up the pen again but this time to write for real. During a six month period between jobs, she made use of her time by writing everyday and penning her first body of work. Although that first novel was never published it led the way for her to sharpen her craft and in 2005 she wrote and self published her 2nd body of work and 1st published novel, The Magician, a supernatural tale about a young man performing as an illusionist who ushered in a new dawning for all mankind.

Crystal followed up this novel with a gritty tale in 2007 titled Street Corners. This novel was born as a machinima-animated movie. The outcry of fans of the short serial prompted her to turn the short animated film into a novel. As a machinima director she has produced over 10 short and full length pictures. Today she is the owner of Lillie Mae Publishing , Trinity Productions, and has written her third supernatural thriller, Wanted.

The most recent novel, The Volunteer, which follows a young woman named Jenna through her experiences as a hospice volunteer.


Crystal is the Creator/Owner Host of The Crystal Show, an internet radio show. The Crystal Show is a radio show that’s fun, interactive, with amazing current event topics regarding issues and relevant subjects that matter to you. We interview new HOT Musical Artists and feature their music!


Crystal Hickerson received her bachelors degree in Sociology from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee and has worked in social work, grief support, and hospice for over 10 years. She resides with her children in Southeastern Michigan.

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